Wednesday, September 4, 2013


As some of you know, it has been a personal goal/dream/ambition of mine since childhood to be an author.  When I was younger, I saw myself as a Young Adult Novelist.  But through the course of time (and this blog) God put other words into my heart--His words.  And I realized that through women's ministry, I could put together all of the gifts, experiences and opportunities God has given me.

I don't where this is going, or if it is going, but in an effort to be faithful to the calling God has placed on my heart, I am closing my blog here and moving "Confessions of the Pastor's Wife" to an entirely new site.

You can now find me HERE!!  The blog is coming with me, as are some women's ministry programs I've been developing over the past 5 years.  The site is a perpetual work in progress, but I'd love to have you come along!!

Please take some time to take a look around.  Click on the "Follow Me" link.  You can also "like" me on Facebook and (soon) follow me on Twitter (heaven help us all!).

Wish me luck!  And I'll see you on the other side!!

Blessings and Peace,

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  1. Someone mentioned this website as being genuinely you, as well, and I can access it, too.


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